The books I appreciate the most are the books that seem to be the most raw and honest reflections of the author.  So, when I first sat down to process what I felt like God was wanting me to write in my upcoming book, I knew I had to share the story of me almost starting a youth camp.

Yes, you heard that correctly. A youth ministry camp.
(full with a blob, zip-line and all!) 

Blob on the lake

In the book I share meeting with real estate agents, registering names, researching 501(c)3 (or non-profit tax classification), and a multitude of other details surrounding this camp. I had websites, camp themes, donor kits and my dream staff team all written out and ready to release, because I thought I KNEW my calling. But I got it wrong.

This is the story that very few know, because for years I was so afraid to tell people about this story. Afraid to admit that there are times in my past that I fell more in love with the calling I thought I had received from God than the God who called me. This one simple priority mis-placement robbed me of years of fulfilling my true purpose, and caused more confusion than I could ever imagine.

But it also triggered a journey of faith that I don’t regret for one second.

Just because you may have missed the calling God has for your life once, doesn’t mean you’ve missed it forever.
Get back up…
Fall back in love with your Creator…
and trust that the best is yet to come!

I can’t wait for you to read the rest of the story…
I can’t wait for you to see what happened when I fell more in love with Him who called than the call I received and actually found my God-given calling…
I can’t wait for you read about the second wall I faced, and what I was able to overcome (by faith) that time!

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And I can’t wait for you to find yourself in this same story…

More soon,
– Luke

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