I have always enjoyed Jeff Foxworthy. I grew up in Atlanta, where he is from, and he actually went to the same church as my parents for a long time. The bit he does the best is “you might be a redneck...” and fills in the sentences with a funny punchline.

I thought it would be fun to attack a list like this but instead of redneck I would substitute entrepreneur. So whether you are an entrepreneur, you’re married to an entrepreneur or you know someone who is an Entrepreneur… you might enjoy this list.


You Might Be an Entrepreneur if…

10. … your schedule looks much like a college student at the age of 30.

9.  …you walk into any business and begin analyzing revenue/traffic.

8. …you think of “Buffett” as the world’s greatest investor, instead of the musician.

7 …you think a workout includes “stretching dollars”

6 …you believe being “social” has to do with growing Twitter followers, Facebook likes, fine-tuning SEO and crowdsourcing.

5 … you think angel tree is an investment program.

4 … you are the only one in your family that finds being unemployed a “business plan”

3 … you think “Shark Week” is a week of new “Shark Tank” episodes.

2 … you left college with more money than you started with.



And finally… You might be an Entrepreneur if…

1 … if you introduce another man as your “partner” and don’t think twice about that statement.


Do you have you’re own “You might be an entrepreneur if…” statement? If so, add them in the comments for everyone!

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