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The Production Dictionary: Terminology for Those in Live Events, Theatre, Film and Concert Production. 

Do you know what an Apron is?  How about a Ballyhoo or Bowline Knot?  No worries, Carl Barnhill and Luke McElroy have put together this excellent resource to help working professionals and students alike that work in production. With over 600 terms and phrases, this guide will provide a convenient and comprehensive guide to the language of production.

In addition, a special section includes a guide with illustrations to over 70 connectors used in video, audio, lighting, networking and more.

So whether you work in live events, film/tv, theater or concert production this book will become a great resource. This one-stop reference guide includes detailed entries that will help you communicate more effectively with your crew personnel.

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Live Stream eBook

Live Stream Church:

The Beginners Guide

Go from novice to expert in the world of live-streaming with this incredibly practical and insightful book from Luke McElroy and co-author Dan Almond. This step-by-step guide will help you determine what you need, the gear to use, and the process requires to begin live streaming your church or event online. Here’s why this book is worth it:

  • 100+ pages of practical, in-depth, specific advice from a team of authors who have completed countless live streaming environments.
  • Details on each of the 7 core elements of every live streaming setup.
  • Product links, pros and cons, and prices for specific equipment that you need to get going.
  • Identify the most basic streaming setup that may allow you to start live streaming for FREE!
  • Explore the licenses and copyrights needed to broadcast online.
  • An interactive glossary, so you can learn over 100 terms related to the live streaming eco system.
  • Guaranteed to be “Beginner Friendly”!

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Creative Potential Book

Creative Potential:

Principles for Unleashing Your God-Given Calling

As described from New York Times Bestselling author Jon Acuff, “You had me at ‘Perfection is a Myth.’ I couldn’t agree with that more and am thrilled that Luke is sounding the drum about creativity, God and what it means to have a calling.” Luke’s upcoming release of Creative Potential is perfect for anyone who’s ever wondered what their God-given calling is, how to press through times of uncertainty and step into the fullness of your creative potential.

Part memoir, part manual, Creative Potential shares the untold story of Luke McElroy’s quest to find his God-Given calling and how he ended up birthing SALT Conferences. Following his story, he unpacks the four biblical principles to help you find your own creative potential and maximize your impact in the world.

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Environmental Projection Book

Environmental Projection:

The Collision of Modern Technology and Sacred Spaces

Birthed out of a desire to see sacred art return to worship spaces, Luke takes the reader on a journey from the cathedrals of the 1600’s to the blank canvases of the modern church. Discover how art and visuals can create immersive sacred spaces using the modern technology of environmental projection.

This is an extremely practical and step-by-step guide to transforming your worship space through environmental projection, you’ll find this is so much more than just a guide to get you started, but the workbook for becoming an expert! See why it’s already received only 5-star ratings from the SALT Community, Amazon and iTunes!

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The Wide Guide - Ebook

The Wide Guide:

Blueprint for the Multiscreen Movement

Inside The Wide Guide, You’ll find it full of ideas, insight, detailed diagrams, pictures, ways to save money and a detailed look into the most common multiscreen video setups in the industry. Every Chapter includes a picture of the setup from one of our friends, an overview of the technology used including advice from Luke’s personal experiences, pro’s and con’s list for that specific design, list of ways to save money when trying to setup this design and finally, a blueprint of how to set it up.

Written for anyone who is working in the ideation process or setup process for multiscreen media, or looking to get their feet wet with the various technologies that surround multiscreen media.

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