Be Confident In Your Calling.


Be Confident In Your Calling.


Step Into Your Creative Potential

Everyone was designed by God with a calling over their life. Yes, that includes you too! And in this personal and powerful new book from Luke McElroy, he shares the never-before-told story of his own journey of finding his calling, and the lessons God taught him in the process.

But this is more than just his story. As you read Creative Potential, you’ll see that it is also your story, and alongside that story are the four key principles that will help you find and step into your own creative potential within that God-given calling.

Join Luke as he helps readers all across the world identify and maximize all the potential that God has given you to fulfill His purposes for your life.

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Luke McElroy's Creative Potential: Principles for Unleashing Your God-Given Calling

What Others are Saying…

“If you’ve ever thought about starting an organization, creating something from scratch, or bringing a new idea to life, you’ll love this book! I find the story of SALT to be inspiring, uplifting, and challenging because of Luke McElroy. He’s the real deal!”

Clay Scroggins

Lead Pastor, North Point Community Church

“You had me at ‘Perfection is a Myth.’ I couldn’t agree with that more and am thrilled that Luke is sounding the drum about creativity, God and what it means to have a calling.”

Jon Acuff

New York Times Bestselling Author of Finish, Give Yourself the Gift of Done

“For all those who suspect that our creative potential has not yet been reached, this book will stir up and awaken our longing to be more, for the glory of our Creator. Luke writes with a spirit of humility and winsomeness, inviting his readers to go on a journey that explores the creative process in light of Scripture and practical wisdom. I urge you to take that journey with Luke and see what God stirs up in you!”

Nancy Beach

Former Programming Director, Willow Creek Community Church

“Every creative person that I know has struggled with the thought, “am I enough.?” Through this book, Luke helps you understand the calling, the commitment to excellence, the need for collaboration, and what happens when your God-given creativity becomes contagious. I wish someone would have unpacked this for me when I was a young creative just getting started, it would have saved me years of fear, doubt, and anxiety. If you have any aspirations to grow your creativity please read this book!”

Stephen Brewster

Executive Creative Pastor, Freedom House Church

“When we get a glimpse of a dream, it’s easy to get swept up in the whirlwind of passion, possibilities, and paralysis… rather than the preparation. This book helped me re-focus my creative preparation: a way to look beyond my dreams to the Dream-maker.”

Jason Dyba

Creative Project Manager, Passion Conferences

“With passion and practicality, McElroy invites us into the delight that is a creative life shaped by an overflow of God’s presence. This book made me want to get on my knees in prayer, then go hone my craft.”

Sarah Starrenburg

Global Communications Director, United Bible Societies

What Others are Saying…

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Get a Sneak Peak

Get a sneak peak of Luke McElroy’s recent release, Creative Potential, as he shares the principles to help you unleash the full opportunities within your God-given calling in this world. From personal experience, to biblical insights, this book will be a delight to read and share with others.

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