It’s Here: My Second Book!

I can't tell you how excited I am to be releasing my second book. This one has been a long time coming as I first started writing it a few years ago. It's wrapped in great theology, as I uncover a lot of the "why" behind creative arts in the church, but I also spend the second half of the book taking you through a very detailed step-by-step process to setting up environmental projection (or large format projection).

Tribe Talk 4: Stage Design

Any great multiscreen setup has to leverage great stage design. In the fourth and final episode of the TripleWide Media Tribe Talk series, I talk failures and successes on what makes great multiscreen stage design ideas. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.


We spent the last 8 months putting together this little piece for the SALT Community. What we hope, is that this little video will become a change agent for our entire community to begin seeing their role in the church and in their community, as far more than just a button pusher. As it's time for our tribe to begin seeing ourselves as cupbearers and recognize the opportunity before us to rebuild the creative walls of the church.

Conversation on Media, Margin and Ministry

Just a few days ago I got the opportunity to connect with Luke Miller from Church Media Blog. They just posted this video and wanted to share it with you here... It's a short conversation we had on Media, Margin and Ministry when it comes to visual worship and being a creative in the church world. Lot of stuff here I needed too... I hope it's a blessing to you. If you are interested in more conversations about this topic with people who do what you do, I would highly recommend checking out SALT Nashville, the conversation on art, media, technology and the church!

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