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Don’t just take my word from it, hear it from others who have read Creative Potential, and wanted to share with the world how great this book really is! Below are just a few of the people who have shared incredibly kind words about this book and what it meant to them. Make sure to Order your copy today!

Endorsements of Creative Potential


“You had me at ‘Perfection is a Myth.’ I couldn’t agree with that more and am thrilled that Luke is sounding the drum about creativity, God and what it means to have a calling.”

Jon Acuff
New York Times Bestselling Author of Finish, Give Yourself the Gift of Done

“If you’ve ever thought about starting an organization, creating something from scratch, or bringing a new idea to life, you’ll love this book! I find the story of SALT to be inspiring, uplifting, and challenging because of Luke McElroy. He’s the real deal!”

Clay Scroggins
Lead Pastor, North Point Community Church

“Perhaps we’re too distracted.  Maybe we’re too afraid.  But many of us lack a sense of our unique identity and purpose, when in fact it’s the very thing God desires for us to discover and unleash.  In his new book, Luke McElroy’s personal story and passion for helping you tap into your creative potential are both relatable and inspiring.  If you’re struggling to find peace in who you are and to live passionately from that place, this book is for you!”

Jenni Catron
Founder of The 4Sight Group and author of The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership

“If you’ve ever thought you have some God-given creative gifts, this book is a must read! I’ve seen first hand these principles at work in the lives of so many who have attended SALT Conference over the years.”

Jeremy Cowart
World Renown Photographer & Entrepreneur
Thomas R Matrone Endorsement

“Luke McElroy provides a great read for those in the stages of discovery and process when pursuing their intended place in the Kingdom of God.   Creative Potential tells the story of Luke’s personal journey of relinquishing control and allowing God’s plan to position him in the place of greatest impact. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is in pursuit of life’s true purposes.”

Thomas R. Matrone
Chairman Music Department, Evangel University

“One of my favorite things about this book, is that it is not only practical, but it speaks to your soul. Luke’s transparent story of SALT is not only inspiring and encouraging, but has great bits of wisdom for anyone who is a creative looking to use their God- given talents to make a difference in the world.”

Colette Taylor
Executive Director of Event Services, Orange Conference
Colette Taylor Endorsement
Jason Dyba Endorsement

“When we get a glimpse of a dream, it’s easy to get swept up in the whirlwind of passion, possibilities, and paralysis… rather than the preparation. This book helped me refocus my creative preparation: a way to look beyond my dreams to the Dream-maker.”

Jason Dyba
Creative Project Manager, Passion Conferences

“Luke McElroy has created a must-read book for everyone who does creative work for the church… learn from one of the best and read this book.”

Darrel Girardier
Creative Director, Brentwood Baptist Church
Darrel Girardier Endorsement
Sarah Starrenburg Endorsement

“With passion and practicality, McElroy invites us into the delight that is a creative life shaped by an overflow of God’s presence. This book made me want to get on my knees in prayer, then go hone my craft.”

Sarah Starrenburg
Global Communications Director, United Bible Society

“Every creative person that I know has struggled with the thought, “am I enough?” Through this book, Luke helps you understand the calling, the commitment to excellence, the need for collaboration, and what happens when your God-given creativity becomes contagious. I wish someone would have unpacked this for me when I was a young creative just getting started, it would have saved me years of fear, doubt, and anxiety. If you have any aspirations to grow your creativity please read this book!”

Stephen Brewster
Executive Creative Pastor, Freedom House Church
Stephen Brewster Endorsement
Nathan LaGrange Endorsement

“Not only does Luke generously deliver the applicable “how to” for creative leaders in the Church but he goes behind the scenes, a place he’s uniquely familiar with, and calls us into a deeper “why to”; a place of intimacy, surrender and contagious joy in Jesus.”

Nathan LaGrange
Lead Pastor, City Community Church

“For all those who suspect that our creative potential has not yet been reached, this book will stir up and awaken our longing to be more, for the glory of our Creator. Luke writes with a spirit of humility and winsomeness, inviting his readers to go on a journey that explores the creative process in light of Scripture and practical wisdom. I urge you to take that journey with Luke and see what God stirs up in you!”

Nancy Beach
Former Programming Director, Willow Creek Community Church
Nancy Beach Endorsement
Jeff McIntosh Endorsement

“Luke lives with passion, works with passion and writes with passion. His love for people and desire to see their creative potential fulfilled is the heartbeat of this book and a must read for anyone who has questioned their uniqueness. As you read through the book’s chapters that are setup as acts in a play, you’ll be inspired by Luke’s wins and losses in life and how he has learned to listen to God more closely, practiced patience and found confidence in his calling.”

Jeff McIntosh
Founder, Church Motion Graphics

“Act I helps you identify your calling in life, and Act II gives you the process. It’s so freaking good because this book is incredibly rich in content and depth!”

Carl Barnhill
Founder & Host, Church Media Podcast
Carl Barnhill Endorsement

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