I don’t mean this to be rude or inconsiderate of those who are truly poor, but we live in a society where if you want more money, it’s almost inevitable you can find some. From part-time jobs at night, to delivering pizzas, renting portions of your home out or driving for Uber around the clock; The opportunities are nearly endless.

You can always get more money. But there’s one thing you can’t always get more of….

Your time.


You only have the specific amount of time that has been predetermined for your life. And there’s no way to get more of it.

This is a revelation I came to a few years ago, and it has completely changed the way I viewed my calling, my purpose and even my giving.

What would change this week if you chose to operate knowing you can’t get more time?


What would you quit doing?

What would you start doing?

Who would you start surrounding yourself with?

How would you begin your day tomorrow?

Recognizing that there is one thing you can’t get more of in this life may become the catalyst for you to unlock the calling you have. It may also help provide more clarity on what you have within you to make the greatest impact in this world.

As odd as it may sound, there was one thing I started doing when I came to this realization… I started serving more.

If I can’t get any more time in this life than I already have, then I want to worship God with the time I have. That’s not in an attempt to sound super spiritual, but instead help my own heart recognize that my impact in this world, and the ability for my calling to be contagious while I’m alive, is far more dependent on God than my own will

When we tithe our time, we show God that we believe he can do more with our 90% than we can do with our 100%. And it’s a principle I want to live out for the rest of my life!

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