I’ve been speaking in front of audiences for the last 10+ years. It’s been nearly that same length of time since I’ve had any sort of stage fright or fears of stepping onto a stage to speak. The stage has become a place that I’m comfortable being on. That translates into being able to be present for an audience, which is essential for every communicator.

However, I still sometimes get nightmares about speaking in public. It’s weird. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and find I’m nearly sweating because of some awful event that just took place. But here’s what’s odd…I only get nervous in my dreams.


The nightmares are also always connected to something that would never become a reality:

  • I’m on stage about to introduce the next keynote speaker, only to look down to the television (which is my teleprompter often) or my notes to realize that we forgot to book the next keynote slot! I’m not prepared, I don’t have a fix, and I’m going to have to face the shame of our entire audience.
  • I have to get on a stage and give instructions to lunch, only to realize (while in front of everyone) that we forgot to purchase the chick-fil-a boxes.
  • I am to introduce someone that I have no clue who they are, or have to interview someone that I’ve never met in my life and don’t know what they do.

Have you noticed the commonality? None of these are realistic. When would I allow our team to do an event and not have a keynote speaker planned? When would we do a conference and forget to purchase lunch? How is it possible that I would have to get on a stage and interview someone I have never met, I don’t know a single thing about or have to lead through a discussion on a foreign topic?




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It’s funny to me how I only get nervous or fearful in my dreams about my dream.


Don’t let your dreams rob your reality.

I tend to think that listening to my dreams (or nightmares for that matter) will cause me to make different choices in reality, and I want my reality to affect the dreams I have, not the dreams affect my reality.


What’s your reality?

What’s your dream?

And which is

And how are you allowing it to dictate the terms of your future dreams, passions, calling and purpose?

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