I’ve been quiet on the blog lately because our team has been working pretty hard on a few exciting projects over the last few months. I wanted to give you a few updates on what I’ve been up to.


First update: our team launched a brand new website recently! It’s called DXVloops.com and you should check it out. For the past year, I’ve been using Resolume (a VJ software I can use on my Mac) to do a lot of our live events. I’ve been frustrated with the reliability of other VJ software and was ready to make a change. It’s incredible! So much potential, and a ton of flexibility when it comes to making some powerful visual environments. The one downside however is trying to find the right media. For Resolume recommends using the DXV Codec as the basis for the media or footage you use in the app.

Finding great Resolume Footage can be really difficult, almost impossible if you want your content to actually be in DXV Codec. So our team took some of our favorite collections of media and made them available for purchase! We released the site almost a month ago, and we’ve almost doubled the amount of media on the site. I can’t wait for you to see the content we haven’t released yet! If you want, you can also grab the free motion we’re giving away here.


Second update: Our SALT team is ramping up for a huge fall with the SALT Tour! Even better, I’ll be one of the keynote speakers as I unpack this idea God has deposited into me on becoming a “For You” modeled church. For the past few years, we’ve been meeting in Nashville for a three day event that is full of big worship environments. tons of workshops and creativity that seems to pour out of nearly every aspect of the conference. That creates a great conference environment, but still can be difficult to attend if you live too far away from Nashville or simply can’t take 3-4 days off of work.

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So this fall we’re heading out to 6 cities (Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Central TX and Richmond, VA) to share this heartbeat in a streamlined one-day event. Throughout the day you’ll get to hear from myself, Dr. Andrew Johnston, Stephen Brewster, Kem Meyer and Nicholas Rivero. On top of them we’ve been working with some amazing contributors like Ryan Leak and Rich Wilkerson Jr. Curious to know more? Head over to SALTTour.com for all the details!


Third Update: I’ve been writing again. Actually I’ve been writing a LOT! Because I’m working on my next book. I can’t share too much detail yet, and I’ll have more updates in the near future, but it’s all about how to find your God-given potential and discover confidence in your creative calling. I unpack the four principles that have been the essence of our SALT journey and help you discover how those collectively can help you achieve your full potential. (click here to learn more about the book.)

Lots more to share, but I’ll start with this… Editing a book is a really painful process. I actually lied to myself and said “Luke, getting the book written will be the toughest part…” but that was before I actually gave my writings to someone else for critique.  I did this so you would get to read the right book… not just another book.


So stay tuned for more! If you want to keep updated with all the other stuff I have going on, make sure to follow me on Instagram or join my email list!