Every year our team takes a few days off to get away and align ourselves around our mission, strategy, values and goals. It’s always a great chance for us to reflect on the previous year and look forward with new goals that will challenge us as we move forward. For us, it’s one of the most important and valuable three days of the year.

Every year I have had a “theme” that will help define our year to come. It’s often a phrase or word that will allow us to align our strategies and goals around a common topic or tactic. With our retreat coming up… I was recently reflecting on the theme that changed everything for us. “Stop Dreaming, Start Doing.”

It’s an issue for most creatives, dreaming too much.

For Orange Thread we knew that there would be a day where our dreams had to become a reality. We had to move away from talking the talk to beginning to walk the walk. That’s what we did.

I had a ton of dreams… dreams to build software, dreams to start a content company, teach, write and become a leader for the multiscreen tribe. We had ideas to work with artists like Blake Shelton, American Idol and Student Life Camps.

Here’s the problem:

Dreams don’t change lives… action does. 

It’s not coincidence that the year our theme was “Stop Dreaming, Start Doing” we launched Playback Drive (beginnings of Playback Media), TripleWide Media and began setting the stage for doing work with each of the above client goals.

We had a mission… our goals were to begin launching ideas.
You may have noticed that Yesterday I released my first book. It’s been a long time in the making… but I had to move from dreaming to doing in order to make it a reality. We can’t deny the opportunity for our dreams to become something that impacts others… Go for it… Take your first step… and begin to “do” the things your dreams are begging for you to begin.

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What are you dreaming about that you need to start making happen? What’s the next step? Is it building a website or making a logo? Is it talking to your supervisor? or buying that camera?


Everyone has dreams… don’t be like most who never let their dreams become a reality.