I hope by now you’ve heard some of the buzz about The Wide Guide: Blueprint to the Multiscreen Movement. I wanted to share a little bit more of the story behind the book and how it came into existence. This isn’t just a book that I’ve wanted to write, it’s a book I’ve wanted to OWN for almost 10 years.

For as long as I can remember… I’ve been doing live events. For the past 6 years I’ve been doing them under the name Orange Thread Media. We’re always trying to push the envelope with a new design or utilizing innovative technology… however sometimes we run into difficulty trying to get the event organizer or the client in our scenario, understand exactly what were trying to pitch to them.

Most of the time (this is just how we operate) we’re trying to pitch an idea that hasn’t actually been “done” in it’s entirety. Or at least if it’s been done, we want to put a fresh look on it. (it may be a triple-wide video wall, but we want to do a triple-tall wall instead). So we can’t just show them pictures of the setup and say “it’s going to look like this.”

Instead we draw diagrams. We try to make stick figure drawings on napkins and notebooks to illustrate our ideas. But what if I had a resource of “blueprints” to show about how an event is going to look well before we’ve even designed the event?

That’s what The Wide Guide is all about; blueprints. Or in our case, “orange-prints.” We want to give you a handful of blueprints of various multiscreen video setups so you can connect the “pixels” on your next stage design.  By no means is the book all-ecompasing of every design out there, in fact I only cover 8. However I believe that the 8 that ARE covered will give you the ability to find new ways to use cost-effective technology, sell your idea to a boss or event organizer and finally execute these setups with confidence.

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It’s going to release next Tuesday, February 4th.

For more information and to get your name on a list to be the first to know about the release visit this link.

It’s only going to be $10, and will be worth it’s weight in gold! 


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Topics Covered:

  • Ways to save money with multiscreen
  • How to setup a TripleWide Video Wall
  • Edge Blending technology
  • Projection Mapping Techniques
  • How to make a wall of TV’s look like one display
  • What gear you need to make the whole thing work
  • The right kind of projectors
  • LED Video Walls
  • Environmental Projection
  • and much more!


The Wide Guide: Blueprint for the Multiscreen Movement is going to be available February 4, 2014 for $10 and will include versions for your Mac or PC (iPDF), iPad or iOS device (ePub), Kindle (.mobi) and many other readers as well. Don’t be the one without the guide, and find yourself digging for a napkin and a sharpie at your next creative meeting.