I’ve always struggled with blogging… ask anyone who has known me for a while. I get into it for a while, then get out of it… then get back into it. However there is one topic that gets me extremely excited to write: Leadership.

You don’t even need to say it… I know exactly what you’re thinking “On another person who wants to write on leadership!” I hope to not just be “another one” blogging about leadership, but if I do become that… please tell me!


I love studying, learning and growing in leading. It’s funny because if you think about it, every single human on this planet will have to likely lead at one point or another in their life. Maybe it’s a school project they got assigned to be team lead or you may have to lead at work on a project or team. Maybe God will ask you to lead a small group at your church or invite you into the role of leading your family, or friends around you… regardless we’re all going to be in a leadership position eventually. So why not be prepared?

I’m growing every day and formulating new leadership principles… why not share them here with you? That’s exactly what this “series” of posts is going to be. I call it Lead Differently because I think the world sells us a leadership philosophy that centers around position, title and control.

As I learn more and more about leading well, I have begin to believe that there is a different way to lead… one that’s focus is on influence, impact and serving others.


My goal is to share some of the most important leadership principles’ I’ve picked up over the last few years… not because I know everything, but because God has been gracious to surround me with extremely wise men over the past few years. Mentors, Teachers, Friends and My Father are the true authors of most of these posts. I pray that we can all begin to Lead Differently and change the world around us by leveraging the influence we all have for the sake of the Gospel.

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So, i’ll be writing on these topics over the next few weeks. Be sure to follow me on twitter to know when they post (I  don’t spam you!)