I started writing some blogs a few years back. It turned into a regular and weekly discipline for me. I really enjoyed it. But for some reason or another… I stopped on February 1st, 2010.

I guess I can blame it on the busyness of life or my crazy work schedule. I’m not 100% sure what caused me to stop, I just know I haven’t blogged since then. Technically I have written blogs since then, but those blogs are not relational like this will be. They are technical blogs like TripleWide Media. This is different.  I want to write about life, leadership, love, grace, compassion, relationships and all the topics it seems God is teaching me as he molds and refines me as a man of God.

If it’s okay, I may pull from the “best of the past” and re-post some I wrote a while back (like the one below this post). No matter what it is that I am writing I hope it falls into one of three main purposes. The first purpose is to inspire.



I want to inspire people to live extraordinary lives for the fame of Jesus Christ! You see, life is way too short to let it all go by in a few good memories or meaningful discussions. If we can figure out how to attach our lives to the name and fame of Christ we will be able to leave a legacy that is far greater than we can ever imagine!

I want to inspire others to a life of excellence.  There is one form of respect that is evident in every people group, every sector of industry and ever way of life no matter where you live. That is excellence. Imagine for a second with me that Christians were the best of their trade. We would immediately have the world’s attention and the Glory of God would be manifested in unimaginable ways!!

Finally, I want to inspire others to understand their influence in their world! God has each of us in unique environments and situations for a purpose. No one is exempt from the great commission… our sphere’s of influence is different from one another and when we begin to live by that understanding we have the opportunity to leverage it for the sake of the lost, broken and underprivileged!

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Secondly, I want to equip people. I want this to be a place where people are equipped to become better leaders; equipped to give their lives away. Leaders that are equipped to have a relationally-minded spirit about them. Leaders that are equipped to use their influence to benefit those without influence. We may from time to time have someone else join us to help us become better at our trade, our craft or our art. No matter what, I hope we grow as individuals here.



The final purpose I have for this blog is to be a place that builds community. If you don’t already know this about me, you will discover soon enough, I believe that relationships are the most important thing in the entire world. That is not the first time I have ever said that statement and I guarantee this is not the last time you will see those words on this site.

It would break my heart if I cultivate a site of “ramblings of Luke McElroy” and in some way or another not engage people in a conversation. This is not intended to be a one way conversation, but two way. Therefore, I encourage you to get involved. Share your opinion, tell the community how blogs relate to your story, or bring debate to the table. If we’re all going to grow as individuals, we must engage in healthy debate from time to time.



Inside I have a lot of fear, shame and gladness as I begin this journey again. I hope we get a chance to grow deeper in our walk with Christ and play a critical role in HIS story together along the way.

So, after a year and a half of processing, learning, listening and growing… here’s to writing again.