I have spoken with so many church staff members and volunteers who feel they’re place on the team is to “hit a space bar” or “fill the void of the screens”. In fact, I was on a podcast the other night for Church Tech Weekly and during it my friend showed me the word “background” in motion backgrounds. Even this applies that it’s just a background element and isn’t a priority.

You’re not a space bar monkey… in fact that can’t be further from the truth.

With the advent of new technology allowing environmental projection to become affordable and the introduction of more focused and intentional stage designs leveraging color, movement and texture, there has never been more of a time where the tech team and Visual team has an incredible role in the Sunday worship environment.
If you’re someone of involved with the visual side of a worship service, you have a massive role. You’re a leader. You are leading people in worship, which means’ you’re a worship leader in it’s truest form.
You play an instrument that affects the atmosphere/environment of your entire room.
You affect the ability to allow worship to take people to another level.
You hold the key to the most powerful (and distracting) element in worship.
Your instrument is just like most of those on stage.
You’re a part of a team.
You have a role as the visual worshiper.
Don’t underestimate your influence in the worship environment and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re simply a spacebar monkey. God has given you gifts to play an instrument of praise that will lead people to a spiritual place with their creator.
As you understand and define your role more and more, you’ll find yourself in moments where you can be more effective in creating intentional, well-crafted, planned environments.
When you have a role, you don’t wait till last minute to execute your responsibilities. You take great pride in making the most of your position on the team so your gifts can be amplified by others and to also increase the chance that your gifts are being amplified by the others on your team.
You have a role in the greater story. Don’t miss it.
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