Last week I was honored to spend a few hours with the team at Integrity Music and the We Are Worship tribe. One of the thing’s I’ve always known about Integrity is that they are so passionate about helping the local church! (Even if it means they don’t make a ton of money, because they’re a non-profit record label here in Nashville.) So when I was asked if I would come by and have a conversation about how you would go about unleashing your God-Given calling, it didn’t take anything else to convince me.

If you’re a worship leader, then you need to know about these guys… but regardless, I think this conversation will impact you. Check out the full podcast here:


But, I’d highly recommend you to subscribe to the podcast and check out some of the other great guests they’ve had:

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P.S. I also talk in short detail about the book Creative Potential, that’s going to be coming out in March 2018. So get ready for that! This is just a sample of what God has been writing on my heart through this book.

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