I’ve been writing and sharing a lot on other sites and in other communities lately. For those who follow along here and may not have seen this on my twitter, I thought I would share a few of the links and see what you think.

1. “Connect with the Now” was an article I wrote for SundayMag.tv and talked about the importance of not being too concerned with “what’s next” and being aware of the here and now that we live in. Article Link.

2. I was honored to be asked by my friend Van Metschke to do an interview about my story, how I got to where I am and my heart for the local church. Here’s the full interview over at Church Tech Profiles: Interview Link.

3. “Why I hate the Top 10 List” was posted over at Church Media Blog on the truth that the best media for you is not necessarily the best selling media. Would love for you to chime in on this topic! Blog Link.

4. I was honored when my friend Bo asked me to speak a few days ago to the Nashville gathering of the International Special Events Society on the idea of an experience. Orange Thread Live (the live events portion of our company) has a saying: “it’s not an event, it’s an experience.” and that was exactly what we did for those in attendance that night. I should have video soon and hope to be sending that.

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