I was honored to be on the Pro Church Podcast this week… talking about multiscreen, environmental projection and TripleWide Media. We discuss why its impacting the church the way it is, how to go about getting the right equipment and what resources you need to become an expert!

Brady has done an incredible job creating a high quality podcast with great topics… I would highly recommend checking it out. To listen to the podcast, just search for “ProChurchPodcast” in iTunes or your Podcast app, or go to this website to listen to the episode on multiscreen.


Topics discussed:

  • What is Triple Wide Media? (16:22)
  • How do you link multiple screens together? Is it really hard? (20:40)
  • What are the advantages of multiscreen media?  (28:14)
  • Is multiscreen media for big churches only? (33:00)
  • What are some potential pitfalls of multiscreen media? (37:58)
  • Luke shares tips & tricks for multiscreen media (42:45)

Resources Mentioned:

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