Lying is really hard and you have to really commit to being all in for a good lie to stand the test of time. If you think about it, being honest is just easier. It’s pretty amazing how far people will go to cover up their shame or their fear of being caught in a lie.

I put out on twitter a few days ago a question about if people were in favor of read receipts, you know that timestamp that comes up when someone reads your text. I could have also asked if people were in favor of their friends being able to know where they are at all times with app’s like Find My Friends. Because I find that people who seem to have read receipts on, also don’t have an issue with sharing their location with their friends.

I’m not saying that privacy isn’t important, and I know that there are crazies out there… but I am saying that those two small things in my life keep me accountable to be the friend of high integrity I need to be for the people in my life. It encourages honesty.


We’ve all been there before, where someone blatantly lies to us and we see right through it. The only way that lie will hold up is if the other person piles lie upon lie upon lie on top of each other in order to create a case worthy of a story that may be credible.

You ever notice that lies are complex and truth is simple?

So why do we lie? I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve lied before… but I can say from experience, telling the truth is a heck of a lot easier. Yes truth can hurt, but a lie hurts way more once it’s uncovered, exposed and manifests itself as the fungus it truly is.

Maybe some of you reading this are expert liars and you could teach a class at how it’s allowed you to succeed in life. But imagine how much easier life would be if we just weren’t capable of lying?

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Honesty is easier. Lying is really hard.