It’s finally here! Today I get to release my first book! Click here if you’re interested in purchasing it today for only $10. I thought I would share a bit of my story below. I’m grateful for all the support during this process and humbled that you would consider this as a resource to add to your bookshelf.  (P.s. Let me know on Twitter if you end up getting a copy! I would love to know what you think).

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When I was in high school I was a horrible writer… I’m still not the best, but part of my original reason to write here more often was to use it as an outlet to get better. I remember having a teacher (I’ll spare her name since she is still at the same high school and many of those who read this may know her) that laughed when I told her that I wanted to write a book one day.

I’m not sure my motivation behind wanting to write a book, I guess I thought that was the natural step for all smart people… Now I realize that it’s the natural step for people who want to spent all year writing a book that will help countless people and never make their money back! (I’ve learned it’s not about the money or the “smart” factor… I’m not That smart).

When she laughed at the idea that I may one day be an author, it seemed to give me fuel, more than anything else I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t have an idea at the time, but I promised myself that I would one day release something and dedicate it to her. Well the book isn’t dedicated to her, but I do hope she gets to see that I’m an “author” now. I’m sure (if she could) she would take a red sharpie to her iPad when reading it and complain on my sentence structure, grammatical errors and run-on sentences. But that would ruin her iPad and I’m thinking I’ve got a good chance that won’t happen!

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All that to say, here’s the thing I’m thinking about as you read this story. When someone tells you “it can’t be done” or laughs at your dreams, does that knock you down and cause you to give up? Or does that fuel you to overcome opposition, get back up and fight again. And again. And again?

Nothing great ever came without opposition. And your dreams and aspirations are too important for the hundreds, and if you and I are lucky, maybe the thousands that will be impacted by your dream.

Go for it… and show those who laugh at your dream that you mean business!

So I hope you check out The Wide Guide. I’ve been working on it for a long time and so excited to finally share it with you! Big props to my friend Brenton at Station16 who worked tirelessly to make this book as beautiful as it is. He’s a brilliant designer who labored over all the tiny detail in every blueprint and made the gear guide come to life! I”m so grateful for him and his thumbprint on this book. Thank you Brenton, this book is way better with your hand on it. 


So check The Wide GuideIt’s only $10 and if you buy it through us you’ll get the iOS, Android, Nook, Mac and PC Versions all in one great package.

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