A few weeks ago our team took a few days to get away and set goals, look at our strategy and dive deeper into our mission as an organization. I recommend this for anyone in leadership. I asked my dad to do a session with us while we were there. He’s always been great teacher and I believe he’s among the best leaders I’ve ever been around. I attribute a lot of my success to his leading, loving and teaching over the years.

He helped us put language to a new type of “mistake” that we need to make more of in our organization. Hustle mistakes. That’s right…. we need to make more of them!

My dad helped us understand that there are hustle mistakes and mistakes due to inactivity. If we’re going to choose one of these two, we ALWAYS need to have hustle mistakes.

When we make a mistake out of inactivity, there’s no excuse for it. Laziness and inactivity are the most dangerous things to any organization. However when we make a mistake because we moved too quickly or we took too much initiative, those are things to be rewarded and recognized.

I would rather us be too quick than too slow. That’s a hustle mistake. If you’re going to make a mistake, make sure you’re hustlin’.

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