I started 5 companies before I was 18 years old.

I was a Disc Jockey.
I was a video equipment salesman.
I started a design and web agency.
I became a music publisher.
And I created a live event production company.

Only one of them exists today.
The last one. But that’s not even true, because I quit that one too before it would resurface as Orange Thread LIVE a few years later and actually be successful.

I used to think that if the first idea failed, then I was a failure.
But that’s not true. In fact, 90% of most businesses are failures. However, 90% of second businesses succeed. Why?

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Rarely does the idea itself differ that much between the second idea and the first idea. (Though sometimes that happens) Instead, as it was in my own story, the first idea wasn’t the end, it’s was only the beginning.

When you admit failure and quit an idea that isn’t working, don’t let yourself think that you’re the problem. It’s not going to be easy. There will be days you want to quit, go work at Starbucks and just take in the regular job. But stepping into your creative potential will always be difficult.

When we see failure as the beginning instead of the end, we unlock an abundance of opportunities that will come our way. We don’t collapse in failure, we learn through failure.

I’m so glad Thomas Edison didn’t quit when he failed with the light bulb.
I’m glad Steve Jobs didn’t quit when his first computer never sold.
I’m glad Elon Musk didn’t stop when his first spaceship failed.
And I’m really glad that I didn’t quit on bad business ideas one, two, three and four.

You will face failure as you step into your creative potential, but don’t see it as the end. Instead, see it as the beginning of the second phase. It’s the second phase that you’ll start to find success as you learn from the first and trust God to carry you through the storm.

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– Luke

P.s. In the book (which you can pre-order today, and I’ll throw in a ton of bonus resources too), I share the story of failing not just a business, but what I felt like God was telling me to do with my life… and how I was able to see it not as the end, but the beginning and turn it into SALT Conferences.