I’ve always had a design itch. From the first business I started, building websites for friends and family, to the beginnings of Orange Thread Media, making film and animation. Design has always been a focus of mine, therefore, funny client feedback has always been present.  If you’ve ever been asked to create something for a brand, project or organization, you’ve likely seen some of these funny client feedback.

Here are some hilarious images that all graphic designers, creatives and artists will get a kick out of! It’s amazing that clients don’t seem to realize the humor in their feedback and why their comments aren’t just funny client feedback, but really famous amongst all graphic designers:

Funny Client Feedback #10:

“We are a non-profit organization…” and let the comments begin on why you should have pity, compassion and most of all extremely discounted services. Needless to say they have an $100 Billion endowment!

Funny Client Feedback #9:

“Could you do an actual logo, instead of just a font?” Because no companies have fonts as their logos. (Coke, Google, Mailchimp, Fox, Visa, FedEx, IBM, Philips, Panasonic, Gillette, Disney, Oracle, Sony, Ikea, Canon, and that’s only the one’s I could think of before my list was already too long!)

Funny Client Feedback #8:

“Just do what you think, I trust you” with a giant “BUT” coming that’s never said because it’s not the exact same way they have in their head. It’s the funny client feedback that we want ever client to mean, but not actually say!

Funny Client Feedback #7:

“Make the logo bigger!” Forget white space, negative space and graphic design that show’s emotion and a feeling of ease with a logo that doesn’t take up the entire screen. That’s just heresy to almost all clients… so just make it bigger! Need something to respond with next time? Send them this.

Funny Client Feedback #5:

“Can you put a photo in it? There are lots on my Facebook page.” No. We can’t use Facebook, or word documents as a way to get high resolution print-ready images! But it never ceases to amaze me how many clients still asked me this!

Funny Client Feedback #4:

“I know you said the ad would be animated, but that’s a cartoon!” I only heard this statement once for a marketing piece we made for a client, but I heard from friends it’s more common than I believed.

Funny Client Feedback #3:

“I really like the colors… but can you change it?” Hold up, so do I listen to the first part of your statement or the second? And color isn’t the only thing people want to change! They’ll say the same thing about the layout, the pictures, the font or even the texture, background, size and design in general. I like it but… the funniest client feedback that’s actually an oxymoron. (Maybe we should only say the second part of the word moron, since it’s the only part of the statement they want us to hear).

Funny Client Feedback #2:

“It’s got to be something with impact” or “it’s got to pop.” Enough said. Thank you, so many of my clients over the past decade, for such a great one-liner. #moredetailplease.

Funny Client Feedback #1:

“I like the style… but” and a thousand reasons come flowing in. My favorite of the 10 funny client feedback quotes states that they really “like” your work, but not this one. Just shoot straight with us!


What funny client feedback have you heard?