Conversation on Media, Margin and Ministry

Just a few days ago I got the opportunity to connect with Luke Miller from Church Media Blog. They just posted this video and wanted to share it with you here... It's a short conversation we had on Media, Margin and Ministry when it comes to visual worship and being a creative in the church world. Lot of stuff here I needed too... I hope it's a blessing to you. If you are interested in more conversations about this topic with people who do what you do, I would highly recommend checking out SALT Nashville, the conversation on art, media, technology and the church!

Asking God for the Answers

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? Maybe you lost the business deal you were really hoping to get... Or you were betrayed by a close friend or family member? Maybe  cancer was involved? It's amazing how we run toward God during those seasons and beg him for the answers. Let me paint the same scenario with different characters and see how you would respond.  (more…)