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Order Luke McElroy’s upcoming book on or before Friday, March 16 and you’ll be eligible to receive all of the following bonuses. Don’t miss out on this offer to get these incredible resources from Luke McElroy. Order Creative Potential: Principles for Unleashing Your God-Given Calling today!

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Creative Potential Bonuses

Pre Order Bonus #1 - Creative Potential Book

#1. Implementing Creativity Series (All 9 Videos)

Get this incredible teaching series from Luke McElroy including NINE modules on implementing creativity. Sessions include Slide Design, Fonts, Color Theory, Using Media, Aggregating Ideas, Becoming More Creative, Personalities in the Creative Process,  Immersive Environments (multiscreen) & more.

Order today and receive all of these videos on the day of the release!

#2. Luke’s FIRST Book: The Wide Guide

That’s right! You’ll get a free copy of Luke’s very first book for FREE when you Order Creative Potential today. This practical and handy book gives a great overview to the various uses of Environmental Projection and includes Luke’s insights on the Pro’s & Con’s to each setup, ways to save money as well as a blueprint with all the details to allow you to get a head start on new ways to use video technology.

Pre-Order Bonus 2 - The Wide Guide
Pre-order Bonus #3 - Leading Up Lab

#3. Gaining Influence – SALT17 Lab

In 2017, Luke taught a jam-packed lab to those on SALT17tour on the topic of Leading up and Gaining Influence. If you’re someone who has wondered how to get your boss on board with your ideas, or been searching for ways to get more influence within your organization, this class is a MUST watch as Luke shares practical principles you can implement today. (Free to those who order Creative Potential this week)!

#4. Digital Copies of the Book

Don’t like reading physical books? Or just want the flexibility of being able to read the book on your Kindle, iPad or other e-reader? Makes total sense! Order a copy of Creative Potential book today, and Luke McElroy will throw in the iPad, Kindle, Nook and PDF versions for free as an added bonus. Now you don’t have to worry about paying twice!

Guide to Color Theory: Bonus Resource

#5. Color Theory Guide

In this never-before-released guide, Luke McElroy dives into the concept of Color Theory and helps us see how various colors in live & design environments will affect the feeling conveyed. You’ll be amazed, as you read this in-depth guide, how color can help you accentuate your environments and deepen your designs. Free to all of those who Order Creative Potential: Principles to Unleash Your God-Given Calling before Friday March 16.

#6. Understanding Fonts Guide

Another great bonus you’ll get by Ordering Luke McElroy’s latest book is this 7-page guide on understanding fonts and typography. From the anatomy of a font to the various design principles that surround fonts, this guide will walk you through it all. Master the use of fonts on slides as well as print, and enjoy this great bonus resource.

Pre Order Bonus: Understanding Fonts

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