Starting a Creative Routine

Every great artist or brilliant creative I know has a routine. A friend who's job is to constantly create the most fresh and relevant art, has a routine of browsing PinterestFlickrVimeo and other aggregation sites every Tuesday through Thursday morning for 30 min when he get's into the office.  Another friend who is a songwriter, makes a commitment to write a song (or portion of a song) every single day. Regardless of your area of focus, the better your discipline, the better you will become. When I used to own Playback Media, making content on a very regular basis, I was most successful when I (more…)

Tribe Talk 4: Stage Design

Any great multiscreen setup has to leverage great stage design. In the fourth and final episode of the TripleWide Media Tribe Talk series, I talk failures and successes on what makes great multiscreen stage design ideas. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Tribe Talk 2: LED Strip Tape

Last week I posted the first of four Tribe Talk's we did for TripleWide Media. Here's number two all about Do-it-yourself LED Strip Tape. I join my good friends Nicholas Rivero and Jason Dyba as we explore new ideas and exciting uses of creativity, media and multiscreen.

Tribe Talk 1: Creative Inspiration

This past Christmas we tried to create a few video resources for TripleWide Media that would help you think ahead, plan better, and utilize media in your worship environments in more contagious ways. It's a big part of the Transform Christmas campaign and in the process we did a few videos on a variety of creative topics. Here's the first one we released. I'll be posting more here shortly

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