Starting a Creative Routine

Every great artist or brilliant creative I know has a routine. A friend who's job is to constantly create the most fresh and relevant art, has a routine of browsing PinterestFlickrVimeo and other aggregation sites every Tuesday through Thursday morning for 30 min when he get's into the office.  Another friend who is a songwriter, makes a commitment to write a song (or portion of a song) every single day. Regardless of your area of focus, the better your discipline, the better you will become. When I used to own Playback Media, making content on a very regular basis, I was most successful when I (more…)

Nashville Snow Storm of 2016!

Yesterday Nashville was hit with almost a foot of snow in some parts… in my neighborhood we got about 7-8 inches. Nashville snow doesn’t happen very often (in fact last time we got this was in 2003 and it shut the city down). The storm was just for Nashville, it hit all across the east coast. Alas, here are the best pictures I’ve seen of the Nashville Snow Storm of 2016:

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